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MS Is Opening Its WP7 Market To More Early Access Apps

imageWe’ve mentioned that MS is triaging WP7 Marketplace. So they sent out a round of emails to some developers giving them firm dates that they could submit apps into the Marketplace before it was open to the masses. Well it seems like a second round of emails went around today as a lot of developers are stating that they are going to be able to get early access to the submission process starting Monday. This means the store is getting filled with more apps in preparation for launch. Here are some specific games/apps that we know are now gaining early access:

The already addictive game Krashlander (yes!)

The children’s game GigglePad

Unit Converter (as the title states)

Torrent Remote “Torrent Remote allows a user to remotely control a uTorrent client”

The puzzle game with nice graphics Bob the Burglar

Google Reader gReadie

The No Button Game – the game that’s played by tapping the table

Simple Flash Cards– need I explain it further?

WordMonger – the Scrabble+ game with great graphics (the dev also has DataLocker and WordExplorer but we haven’t seen them in action yet)

Now there are a lot more devs that are stating they are eligible for early access but they’ve been keeping their apps close to their heart. You also have to remember that a lot of the larger developers aren’t vocal about their apps – let’s revisit this next wee though. Anyway, great to see that MS is reaching out to developers and getting the Marketplace ready for a launch.