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Really Slick Windows Phone 7 App Demoed

Here’s the winning pitch for the Medialab (of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) Windows Phone 7 / / MobileLayers Design Contest. is one of the biggest news sites in the Netherlands. I don’t know a lot about the background here but the video shows the iPhone app which looks like a mobile webpage. Then they switch to their WP7 app with streaming video within the viewer and some really great animations and ideas. Since it’s a news site you can see the videos/photos, and rotate to turn them full screen. There’s also a social integration thing happening here but it’s in Dutch which I don’t speak but I do know it looks cool:)  This is the sort of app I could see CNN doing as well. There are multiple forms of content and they all play well together.

If anyone can translate it and tell me what else is happening I’d love to know;)