Oh look at Microsoft failing all the way to the bank. You hate Windows Phone? Think Windows 8 is a flop?  Maybe somewhere between Azure, Office, Xbox and the fact that they have tons of cash, profits are up across the board in most divisions (all while expectations of raking in lots of money from those Android patents are high) are starting to get investors taking a second look at how dead the PC is.


This is the 10 year. You can see that on a 5 year run they’re at a high. In the 10 year run there’s only been one period of time that was above today’s  value.

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  1. Based on the company performance this positive movement should have started a long time ago. Microsoft is reaping the benefits of Android and Google evaluation is higher…go figure. If you just pulled out the server business it would he a fortune 500 company. The investment community is asleep but maybe waking up.

  2. Glad my recent purchases helped y’all who own Microsoft stock. Hee haw. Oh, and thanks Bill for all you’ve done, and do.

  3. While I’m glad about the dead cat bounce and will resist pointing out that in the decade before the previous one Microsoft was trading at 59, which is higher than 33, and that the value of a share dropped from 37 to 15 over the year after this last five year high, let me contribute to the good vibrations here with a more substantive chart:

    That’s Microsoft’s dividend payout over time, how much money per share they pay you for owning that share, so that’s cash in addition to what you might stand to make were you to buy the stock and later sell it for a higher price (hypothetically speaking, obviously).

    Apple now pays a dividend but at a lower yield. Google and RIMM for example do not pay any dividend.

    So when people like me go on about how the stock’s been going sideways for over a decade, well, not entirely — ask them if they can name you off-hand a tech company whose dividend increased similarly over time. I can’t do that.

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