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Music Lyrics on the Go!

Ever watched the show Don’t Forget the Lyrics? Well now there is an app that allows you to look up the lyrics to any song that you want or a song that is playing on your phone. Lpaso over at XDA developed this cool little app that basically uses services and retrieves the lyrics of a song. I tried the app on several different songs and seems to work pretty well except you need to make sure that you have the song file named correctly. Every song needs to have the artists name and title if you are using the TF3D music player. Also it seems that media player names songs differently compared to the regular TF3D music player. So, if you are using media player then you will have to make sure that the song has an artist name, album artist and title in the song properties. Here is a quick video showing the difference between media player and TF3D music player.

As you can see TF3D music player seems to work pretty well compared to the media player. However; even in the TF3D music player the files need to have an

artist and title correctly labeled. Manual lyrics search seems to work with out any problems as long as you know the artist and the title. I tried to find the newest song from Slumdog Millionaire “Jai Ho” and to my surprise it was actually on there. Overall it seems to be a pretty good app if you have all your music labeled correctly. Also the app the requires a data connection or WIFI and it currently does not seem to work on windows 6.5.

(Via 1800pocketpc)