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My Kingdom For a Proper Windows Phone Notification System (and a Proposed Solution)

Me TileIf you have a Windows Phone undoubtedly you’ve heard that ding – there’s a new notification. Could be a text or it could be a notification. You get to your phone and just as you get close the backlight turns off so you turn it on and there’s no indication that anything happened. So now you know you just received a toast notification (you know, one of those guys that comes across the top) but once it goes away it’s gone…like gone. Could have been a number of apps that did it. Which one was it? Mystery meat…Maybe you just missed a notification about a Pageonce payment or maybe it was your invite to play Wheel of Wealth. Wrong – it was your turn to yell at flipping tiles and tell them to go flip themselves.

Windows Phones need a way to store your notification and make it simple and graphical. The other operating systems opt for a drop down method that you can swipe to view them. Microsoft has already shifted the use of the ‘Me’ tile (and Me card) as the place where notifications go but now those notifications are limited to Windows Live, Twitter and Facebook but not applications.  If I had to guess, I’d bet that toast notifications find their way there and unread notifications would be visible on the home screen just like the People tiles, but with apps (well look at the poorly done mockup to see what I’m talking about) and then one tap of the Me tile and notifications galore, which launches the app. And yes, these notifications also need to be present on the lock screen and if you want to use a simple graphical system like emails, texts and calls ahs now (so just drop the apps icon on the lock screen or something) that’s fine. I’m at the point at not asking for perfection since now I have nothing and something is better.

Now I don’t care if it gets done this way or another way but one thing is for certain – we need a solution and we need it asap because for all the niceties that the notifications bring to Windows Phones this is a huge Achilles heel.