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NaviPanel is Touch Pro Ready

On Friday we mentioned to you that FootPrints was reworked for the Fuze and I noted that Herg had contributed to that project and had a project of his own on the side. Well, here’s the project:)  It’s called NaviPanel and was originally released on the HTC Cruise. It’s a finger friendly application that links to FootPrints, your Phone and most importantly TomTom.This is a nice program to have handy when you get in a car (even worth mapping to a hardware button:))

The beauty is that you have a single place to quick launch FootPrints (if you want to remember a location you are passing) to launch the phone or to use TomTom to navigate directly home, to a recent location or to a new location. If you do use your Touch Pro in the car then this is a great application to help keep your eyes on the road and to safely use your Touch Pro with as few steps as possible. The settings to link to the car kit are currently not supported since the car kit is a Cruise accessory.

Download details are here (TomTom 7.915 is required). Again, for the 100th time or so on this site, we thank Herg:) He keeps producing great work and we all owe him for his efforts.