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Netflix CEO on mobile device streaming: Not so Much

A couple days ago Mobility Digest’s David K wrote up a nice (cough) little article [read] stating that Netflix hasn’t made its way to Android yet because of some Security Issues. This article spun off into a flurry of comments by our readers and team members about the validity of that claim, but also discussed the need for long-form video and it’s place on mobile devices. It was fairly unanimous that it seemed pointless to stream movies to mobile device because of the small screen. Personally, I watch a lot of it because of how much I travel and because of the 4.3 inch Screen on my former device, the HTC HD2, and the brilliant screen on my iPhone 4. However, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, who recently sat in on a Web 2.0 Summit discussion panel, stated that long-form video streaming has had almost no impact on Netflix’s business, and that larger screen alternatives like Xbox, PS3, and Mac have resulted in much greater growth.

So is the handwriting on the wall? Please say it isn’t so and help us poor traveling mobile geeks occupy our time while away from home and support long-form video streaming! As always we would love to hear your thoughts so drop a comment and let is know. For giggles, if you do stream long-form video content to your device, what was the last movie you watched? (Transformers doesn’t count – It came on the T-Mobile HD2)