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New Galaxy Discovered with two Black Holes

double-black-hole Off topic from our normal mobility conversation, but that is something I expect you will find more of in the future here. Very cool none the less is that a new Galaxy as been discovered by The University of Colorado at Boulder’s Julie Comerford.  At the American Astronomical Society’s annual meeting in Kissimmee, Florida, Julie dropped the two black hole news which included that one of the black holes was “naked”. This rather unscientific way of explaining that one of the black holes was devoid of any surrounding stars. Also called a skinny black hole, Julie speculates that the black hole lost mass in the collision of two galaxies that merged into this one -” a crash diet.” Over 1 billion light years away, this “nekkid” black hole is significantly smaller than its other galaxy counterpart. With only 12 known galaxies in existence the search for more becomes more and more interesting.