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New MOTO SURF A3100 UI In The Wild

You know I always love to get my hands on as many user interfaces as possible. Well here’s the latest. It’s the UI from the new Moto Surf A300 which is Motorola’s latest entry into the Windows Phone game. It’s actually developed for QVGA screens (I hear Tilt users rejoicing already) but it ran fine on both my Tilt and Fuze (the Fuze did experience some slight resizing issues but I think none were a deal killer except for the fact that after using the photo viewer a slight portion of the image was left behind on all screens – yes that hurt each time:)). But let’s get back to the UI. It consists of a dial at the bottom (it scrolls to the sides like a wheel so sliding left brings up the next item on the right of the screen). There are panels for the following: home (go to Settings to add date, time, and calendar and the top bar can be pulled down like Sense and there are favorite apps there), favorite contacts, internet shortcuts, weather (with current and three day forecast), web updates (RSS feeds), pictures and video (that includes gallery and slideshow features and photos have a ‘rotate’ button) and favorite apps. So how does it run? It’s actually pretty nice. Again, I think that a user interface is very personal so I don’t want to judge it for you. It feels like PointUI or TF3D so you need to scroll through tabs and overall it was pretty snappy. Want to see some more screenshots?


I should also note that my Fuze also experienced an issue that the soft keys would not properly update but that’s likely a 6.5 issue.

The download is available here. Great find jboogie3!

UPDATE: As Eric points out, there’s a great setting to add the current weather as the background. I also made a quick and dirty video that you can download from here to see the UI in action if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge. The RSS feed page is not functional. You can go into ProgramFilesMotoSurfer and run todayoption.exe to remove the RSS tab. The other pages worked well for me. Eric also reports “notifications appear in the pull down bar and scroll so you can read full texts without opening a thing.” Pretty cool:)