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HTC Weather Master reaches Beta 2

Not even a week goes by and JoeWilcox over at XDA comes out with an update to his already great Weather Master program.  We first looked at it here.

Changes since 1.0.b1 include:

  • Added a Current Weather page for managing your current weather locations 
  • WM no longer overwrites existing weather
  • Added code to fix the url which should make it work on all roms
  • Attempt at creating shadow copies of the db which will hopefully fix the read-only issues
  • Added an initial check to make sure the DB is there
  • Installs to the room Start Menu instead of Tools

So how much better is it? MUCH.  Especially the fact that you can add a city without wiping out your current list of cities and you can even move where you want your cities in the list around without leaving the program!  In my opinion, this works so smoothly that it should come standard on HTC phones.  It is definitely recommended that ANYONE with TF3D go download this.   And yes i do care about the weather in Taipei…

Source: XDA-Developers