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New Rumor: No iTV this year…so let’s start rumors that it’s next year

Such crap, right? Just keep saying that this is the year that X is coming out and eventually you’ll be right (see iPad mini for likely example). Anyway, the so-called iTV (the guy that’s either a cable box or built into a tv with Siri features depending on which day of the week it is) now, according to Bloomberg, isn’t coming this year. The reason is negotiations with the tv service providers about content, UI…well everything. Yeah these are the same battles everyone else has and Microsoft has slowly been working on with Xbox.

Anyway just one more rumor but if it’s true then let me be the first to float that we have inside information that 2013 is the year the iTV will be released…and if that date slips then 2014 is the year the iTV will be released…

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