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New WM Facebook App from MS!!!

All you Facebook addicts users out there on Windows Mobile will be really happy about the new Facebook app from Microsoft. Thanks to Drakknar over at xda-developers who extracted the Microsoft Facebook 1.2 (v app which is currently available only on the MS Marketplace for Smartphones, and rebuilt it into a cab which works on every WM 6.5(.x) touchscreen devices and any screen resolution. This is a must have app if you use facebook a lot. I think it is better than any other option out there. It is really fast, user friendly and has a lot of cool and new features. It pretty much can do everything that you can do on the computer browser version of facebook. Here are a few quick images of the new app some of the new features.

More after the break but if you just want to download the new app from XDA click here. Blownfuze mirror

The image to the far left is what someone’s facebook page wall looks like in the new app. One quick thing that should stand out is the “comment” and “thumbs up sign”. These two features were not available in the previous and are a much welcomed sight. They make the app more useful then it ever was. Also you can now also view comments of what other people said by just clicking on the post which brings up a menu (center picture) where you can see all the new quick and easy options. Clicking “View comments” gives you the image to the far right which shows who commented and what they said on a particular post.  Also on the bottom you notice two soft keys that say “button 1” and “button 2”, this might have been due to something missing during the extraction of the app or something that is still being developed but “button 1” seems to give the option to comment on a post and “button 2” takes you back to the top of the page after you scroll down.

Here is what the new main news feed page looks like. The new news feed page seems to work flawlessly compared to the one from the old app, which had problems refreshing showing the most recent news feed. However, that problem has been solved with this which automatically refreshes every time you visit the home tab.  Also a new feature is the notifications and friend request indicators on the top which were missing in the very first facebook app from MS. Clicking on the notifications tab brings up a list of all your recent notifications just like the one you see on the computer browser side of facebook.

Another huge improvement to the app I think is being able to comment on  news feeds, wall posts and other activities along with the option of “liking” a wall post or news feed or any other activity just like you would be able to on your computer browser. One small drawback of the “like” option is that you can not currently see the names of the people that already so called liked the particular post.  Another feature is the easy and quick option of viewing what other people commented and writing on another person’s wall, whereas; in previous version it required at least four or five taps on the screen to write on someone’s wall and the the time to wait for it to load.

Another nice feature that was added recently is the “search” option. With this option you can quickly search for new friends and send friend requests right from your phone. Also when you search from within your friends tab, the app automatically populates the search results as you start to type the name (far right picture). Also in the far left picture you see the options to add photos and videos and these features existed in the previous but they seem to have been improved in this version in terms of uploading speed.

With all the new features and additions this app is really great and probably the BEST facebook app on par with what exists for the iphone, android and blackberries but we are greedy people and can’t stop wanting more because there are always ways to make something better. Some things that are still missing are being able to view the profile of facebook groups (mobility digest group-add us) or searching for groups. I would also like to see the be able to view and respond to event invitations and maybe be able to view videos? Let us know what you think of this new app and what you think it is missing and could be added to future versions of this app.


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