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Nintendo DSI Review & Video

Well if you are like me and have a couple of small children, odds are good you have been waiting along with them for the Nintendo DSI that was just released on 04-05-09. I am still not sure that the new DSI, which will cost $40 dollars more than the Lite, is that much better and really worth upgrading your kids DS Lite, but it does come with some very cool new features. For one, the screen size has been slightly enlarged to a 3.25” screen on top and bottom. The second new feature is the Wireless capability along with a SD storage card slot that will play your favorite music in AAC format. (It won’t play MP3’s) The new DSI also comes with two cameras, one front facing 0.3 VGA Camera as well as another camera on the inside when you open up the DSI. The DSI also comes with a lot of programs to make the Camera experience fun.  All this goodness does come at the expense of losing the Game Boy Advance Cartridge Slot.  Here’s the specs:


  • Dual 3.25 inch displays (one touch and one non-touch)
  • ARM 133 MHz CPU
  • 16MB of RAM
  • 256MB of internal Flash
  • 802.11b WiFi
  • Two 0.3 megapixel digital cameras
  • Advertised 14 hour gaming battery life with 840 mAh battery
  • SDHC-compatible card slot for photo storage, music, and download software backups and data

Check out this excellent video from Matt Miller:


So at the end of the day, I would have wished for some more features, but the DSI looks to be a solid device and will be on every kids Christmas List for this year! The DSI is available in two colors, a Flat Matte Black and Baby Blue Color and will set you back $169.99 at Wal-Mart. Expect more colors and themes in the very near future. Head on over to ZDNet to check out the rest of Matt Millers review of the new Nintendo DSI.