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No Surprises – Sense IS NOT Coming To WP7

There’s this story that is circulating that Sense is coming to Windows Phone 7. The original quote is from Forbes and this is it:

But HTC says its custom software, which it calls "Sense", will live on, even on Windows phones. Drew Bamford, who heads HTC’s user experience design team, tells Forbes the manufacturer is applying Sense to its first Windows Phone 7 devices, which are expected to launch in October.

"Microsoft has taken firmer control of the core experience [in Windows Phone 7], but we can still innovate," says Bamford. The future version of Sense, he adds, won’t look the way it does on current Windows Mobile (6.5) phones, where it basically replaces all the core applications and is fully integrated into the phone.

MS has clearly stated that there will not be alternative UI’s for WP7. And from HTC’s quote they acknowledge that they are not replacing the core integrated P7 experience. Well if you look at Sense on WM6.5 there’s not much more to it. They can call it what they want to call it but in the end we may get a fancy flip clock tile with the weather and some other Tiles/Hubs that HTC implements and have their own software preinstalled but it won’t be Sense as we know it. Let’s just stop expecting to see Sense on Wp7 and think that it will look like 6.5/Android – that’s not happening.