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Nokia LiveSight technology could be as good as Google’s Streetview


Nokia is clearly on a high, they’re showing the industry there I no shortage of innovation coming from their camp. Here is a look at their “Livesight” technology first previewed in Nokia City lens app for Lumias. For those of you familiar with the augmented reality technology found in Google’s Streetview, this will feel right at home. Check out the video! No word on when it’ll be available to the public, but Nokia did mention it will be coming to Windows Phone Maps in the future.

Nokia introduced LiveSight(TM), a technology based on a highly accurate, 3D map of the world.  LiveSight(TM) provides the most precise and intuitive augmented reality experience and uses a phone’s camera viewfinder to make discovering the world as easy as lifting up a phone. Nokia City Lens, which was developed exclusively for Nokia Lumia devices, is the first application providing a LiveSight-enabled experience.

LiveSight is a collection of mechanisms:

  • 3D sight interface: buildings are detected by our collection technologies with high accuracy and feeling of depth
  • Line of sight: with the line of sight view, only POIs in sight are displayed
  • Freeze frame: save a live view to inspect the city without having to hold the camera pointed at the target
  • Building directory: click on a building to see what is inside




source wmpoweruser

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