Well that was fast. VIsiting Walmart’s online site (Walmart.com) and searching for the Nokia Lumia 521 just released in the US brings up a rather disappointing message. The 4G budget handset from Nokia has managed to sell out of its initial stock for the national retailer. This is not to say that they had a large number to begin with but it is also true that people jumped quickly on that amazing price.

The Lumia 521 has garnered very good reviews from an extensive list of reviewers and looks to be a sleeper hit for Nokia. This shows that as Nokia continues to push down their technology to lower priced devices there is room to gain market share.


  • Windows Phone 8 OS
  • 5MP camera with auto focus
  • HD video recording at 720p, 30fps
  • 8GB internal memory, expandable up to 64GB
  • 1430mAh battery
  • Quad-band 4G UMTS/HSPA+42
  • 1GHz, dual-core Qualcomm 82270 processor
  • WiFi for data (802.11b/g/n/e)


Source: Nokia Lumia 521 at Walmart


  1. For someone who is a secret Windows Phone fan (we all know you see a fan of our Live fruity Tiles, our smooth operating system, you can’t go one post without mention WP. Just make the switch already!), I’m surprised you’re even asking this question.

    The release of a device has nothing to do with the number. The more high end the Lumia, the higher the number.

  2. Woah, hey chief, I’m not half as guilty as going one post without mentioning the other team than you guys are at bashing Google on threads of articles about Microsoft.

    Were you to google site:wmpoweruser.com Android OR Google and divide the number of indexed pages by the number you get when you google site:wmpoweruser.com “Windows Phone” you’d see that, on an even more Microsoft-centered site than us like WMPU, Google or Android is mentioned on more than half the number of pages that Windows Phone is mentioned. And when I mention something Microsoft, just as I did here, quite often it is not deriding them at all. And doing that search on this site, it’s almost even between the two.

  3. The first number lets you know the level. The 5 is pretty low level phone, but the low level phone are still very good. 920 is there highest level phone available to date. I have an 822 @ Verizon. Its slightly lower then the 920, but so far I find it to be an excellent phone. I will upgrade to the 928 when it comes out.

    anyway the first number shows you the level the phone is. The 3rd number has to with carrier I bet. The second number is anyone’s guess. Probably related to design iteration or something like that

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