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Nokia Releases First Two TV Ads


Over on the NokiaUK YouTube channel Nokia has released their first two official TV Adverts. Sticking closely to the “More Personal” theme championed at the Windows Phone 8 launch Nokia is doing their own version of “This Is My Phone”. I gotta say I like where this is headed. Hopefully the trend continues once Nokia starts advertising in the U.S.

The first advert does a great job of emphasizing that each phone is unique to its user while showing off platform features like Nokia Music, Live Tiles, People Hub, dropping names like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp. The second advert showing off features while throwing around simple adjectives like fashionable, sleek, fast, amazing. Shows off the camera and Nokia specific apps like City Lens, Nokia Maps and making sure they mention the phone’s name. All in all a very good start for Nokia.


Source: NokiaUK YouTube Channel