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Nokia releases Nokia Phone Recycler app

Nokia is calling this a game about recycling phone components. The description is a bit sloppy though referring to “Nokia Windows 8 mobile devices”. Here’s the description (which I am omitting the end as it’s verbatim duplicative of other sections):

Do you want to know, what happens to a mobile phone when it has reached the end of its life? Nokia Recycler Game is an interactive app that showcases exactly what – and it makes you do the work!Recycle a mobile phone by dragging the components into the right bins. You’ll be recycling savvy in no time!Download now – it’s freeThe application is a tool for Nokias’ staff and retailers that they can both educate themselves and use as a backup in sales event. The applications content is also made for HTML5 format which supports the application and this way it can be used in other phones too (f.e. Symbian, Android). All Nokia retailers can use the application! The app is divided into 4 different sections, so that you can do the course section by section when you find the time and return later. The index also helps the sales personel to find the information they are looking for. The application gives all basic information and answers frequently asked questions on recycling mobile devices.We have created a simple but informative application for Nokia Windows 8 mobile devices that provides information on recycling mobile phones and highlights Nokia’s concern for the environment.

Any way you can see more details here and figure out what went wrong with the description.