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WTF: You Can’t Edit Emails Before Forwarding Them On WP7

So I received a business email that had a bunch of choice words in it but there was still a portion of it that I needed to send to another party (who shouldn’t know exactly what we thought of them). So I can’t copy and paste the relevant portion so I figured I’d just hit forward then remove the parts of the text that shouldn’t be there. And that’s when I realized that you can’t edit the body of an email before forwarding or replying to it. This is true on Blackberry’s and has never made sense to me and I can’t justify why this would be a feature on any smartphone. Obviously on your desktop you can change the email chain before circulating it, but on your Windows Phone all you can do is grab a pen and paper, write down what you need to send and then retype it in. Very efficient…

And I remind you, I am a Windows Phone fan. Little things like this just irk the hell out of me.