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Nokia Releases Official Nicki Minaj Times Square Lumia Release: Starships Remix

You know what we’re dealing with here. Let’s get to it:

Here’s the video description:

Nokia and Nicki Minaj brought Times Square to a standstill to celebrate two great launches, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and Nokia Lumia 900
Nicki Minaj performed a medley of her hits before handing over to DJ Doorly to debut Nokia Lumia 900 Live remix: Nicki Minaj Starships feat. DJ Doorly and inviting the fans to feature in the exclusive music video.
Using the latest CGI technology the team behind the massive Hollywood blockbuster, i-Robot, created one of the world’s largest LED displays. Nokia took control of nine of the square’s famous electronic screens to make the ultimate music video.
The performance and debut of the exclusive remix celebrated the end of the Smartphone Beta Test and the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 with Windows Phone.

Still not convinced that Microsoft’s fixation with ‘surprise events in NYC is the best use of money. I mean that giant Windows phone they did was neat but no one new it was happening so there was no buzz. And this time the Daily News initially reported that the event was to launch a new ‘touchscreen smartphone’ but they’ve since revised the online version to state the name of the phone. But there’s not a lot of NYC noise about tis because it was impromptu and there’s plenty of other things this weekend.