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Nokia Rips a Page From MS’s Book: Nokia Maps With Voice Nav Available for iOS and Android – WP7 Not so Much

Hey Nokia, glad you got the memo from Microsoft about supporting other platforms and leaving your behind (how’s that Photosynth refresh treating iPhone users? I hear it’s sweet and by 2014 I’m sure I’ll be able to load it on my Windows Phone). Anyway, Nokia has just announced that their mobile mapping with offline solutions and voice navigation is available for Android and iOS users. All they need to do is fire up and permit it to use your location. “When you’re ready to start walking, just tap the route icon. Nokia Maps will now ask you if you want to use audio directions for your journey by loading an audio file of nearly 2MB.” They did limit its usefulness though :“At the moment, the voice navigation only works for journeys where you’re on foot. “

And what about Windows Phone users? Sorry, that site pushes you to the non-mobile website. If you recall “The differentiation between Nokia and other manufacturers will be offline maps and Nokia Drive, which is the program powering voice navigation. The voice navigation experience is much like what you see with Nokia Maps on the Symbian and MeeGo platforms. You can find voice guided navigation on Windows Phone in programs like Navigon, but when you get a Nokia Windows Phone you will get this support for free.”

So non-Nokia Windows Phone users have nada so far from Nokia. Insert rant here…