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Nokia Say It Aint So: No Windows Phones Until 2K12?

At some point the early adopters of Windows Phone will be rewarded handsomely.  Sadly, today doesn’t bring the greatest of news to the masses who were already counting their pennies in preperation of some Nokia Mango goodness.  According to the latest rumor unearthed by WMPoweruser there will be no US launch of their Windows Phone lineup until after Mobile World Congress 2012.  Yikes!  With the constant improvement that the iPhone and Android is making and the sexy hardware being released this fall Nokia might be sealing their fate and Microsoft’s before they even begin.

Nokia needs to do a worldwide simultaneous launch of Windows Phones or the very least Europe and U.S. simultaneous launches.  If Nokia lets Android or the iPhone get any more of an entrenched mindshare with the market it doesn’t matter what Nokia comes out with next spring. Am I reacting too strongly?  I don’t think so.  Mobile is a cutthroat, fast-paced market that will wait on noone.  Android and its OEM partners have seen to that even making Apple pick up the pace on updates and OS releases.

I would love to hear what you, the readers, have to say about this.

Source: WMPoweruser