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Source Code and Demos of WP7 Using XNA and Box2D

For the devs out there, just wanted to bring your attention to a new blog: The author notes:

This blog will serve as a basis for Windows Phone 7 tutorials and maybe Android, mostly concentrating on 2D games using XNA and BOX2D (The XNA port). There is a lack of tutorials so I figured out why not create a blog and help others. I will be providing concept tutorials with the occasional release of the source code for a couple of games I am working on. If you want to see specific tutorials or a how to do something, feel free to contact me using the contact form and I’ll see what I can do.

And he’s started with some nice demos. The first is a ragdoll demo. We’ve done a ragdoll for WP7 in the past but that was in Silverlight – this time it’s XNA:

Next is a physics sample that discusses the use of meters-kilograms-seconds when using Box2D.

In both cases the source code is provided so check it out.