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Nokia’s commitment to Windows Phone Ecosystem–Smartphones and Tablets

BGR, Boy Genius Report, interviewed Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, and in that interview Stephen mentioned a lot of Nokia’s market expandability intentions in the US market. StephenElopIn that interview apart from taking about their market strategy and carrier partnerships with various American Carriers and Nokia’s reachability to American Consumers with Smartphones and Tablets, he also said that they are strong in integrating their services with Microsoft, and mentioned it is only beginning that has had great start already. He also mentioned that they are working with Microsoft and able to pool the patents with Microsoft that could be used by other OEMs and ODMs to protect the whole Windows Phone 7 ecosystem. I felt that is really good news for the whole Windows Phone 7 ecosystem and helps many partners of Microsoft in this regards.



Here is the complete video of the interview for your pleasure:

BGR interviews Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO

Source: BGR

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