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Do Skype and Flash Matter To You?

Am I the only one that sees a headline a day about Skype or Flash and some device or implementation of it and just don’t see why this is still headline news? Every device and carrier has their own Skype and Flash stories. Windows has SkyFire, Android in some flavors has native Flash, the iPhone has some workaround apps that work to varying degrees. And Skype has its own oddities with it working on Android only on 3G (not wifi) and only on VZ. It’s native to Windows Mobile…or was until they pulled it but it still works, and the iPhone has it over wifi and is getting some form of it over 3G but it may lack notifications. I feel like I’ve already spent too much time talking about it. Here’s the deal – for me I don’t think I really care all that much about either. I have Flash on my phone using SkyFire – I can’t recall the last time I needed Flash though. I guess it’s nice to have and all but it’s certainly not a necessity. And Skype works on my phone as well…I don’t even have it installed currently.

Am I the only one that thinks that Skype and Flash are two great examples of the power of marketing and maintaining mindshare? To each his own and you all have your own preferences so, are these key pieces of software to you, or headlines that get in the way of more important news?