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Not an app to take the place of a physical book, but…

…it gave me an interesting thought.

While grabbing the Marketplace information for the Diablo 3 Guide article, I looked at Denham Software Solutions’ other offerings in the Marketplace, and took a gander at My Baby Book. Now, I can’t see an app ever taking the place of a physical baby book completely (you can’t keep a lock of hair in an app…), but I can imagine one potential that I’d LOVE to see: the ability to take one child’s “profile” in the app and be able to share it with someone else (family, friend), especially cross-platform.  Wouldn’t that be a nice gift for Grandma and Grandpa on the other side of the country?  What parent wouldn’t love to take a picture of Junior and have Grandma and Grandpa see it almost instantly, when ever and where ever they want?  (And of course, brag over baby pictures with their friends.)

Since we can’t sideload, officially, it couldn’t be done as an importable file.  Or maybe it could, through the app itself?  The easiest implementation would probably be their own servers, but that’s a) expensive and b) problematic for some people – the whole idea of loss of control of data.

But I still like the idea. What do you think?