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Pin To Start – 4 Customizable Live Tiles

imageWant to jazz up the start screen of your Windows Phone with some custom images that are functional? Well Pin To Start gives you the ability to add 4 custom live tiles for free. Here’s their description:

The Pin To Start ™ application allows Window Phone 7 owners a unique experience not available on other phones – the ability to create a custom Live Tile on your Start page. Add your own customized title, image, and number and preview your tile before creating it.
Each application can only have one live tile so we have released 3 additional free Pin To Start ™ applications in the marketplace. Use our TileConnectR ™ images to add multiple tile images to your Start experience, which together form a larger, complete image.
– Download web images of your choice to display on your live tiles (think photos, social network profile image, favorite sports teams, college fraternities/sororities, religious images, etc.)
– Create shortcuts for commonly used tasks such as phone calls, email, texting, web searching (using Bing Search), and web browsing.
– ~100 images – new images for St. Patrick’s Day, Stick Figures, Call Reminders, Emoticons, Mexican Tiles, TileConnectR ™ images, and more.
– Our Pin Logo even changes colors to reflect your current Windows Phone 7 accent color!
Check out our Facebook Fan Page (there is a link in the About section of app) and help us decide which images and features we include next.
Also check out our Pin Your Heart application, another application in our Pin To Start ™ series of Customizable Tile applications brought to you for free by Flickyflocky.

it is pretty cool. I tried adding a speed dial to my home screen. It works but to start the call it starts the app then dials. No big deal but the app has a splashscreen and therefore it takes a few extra milliseconds that I’d love them to remove so it were instantaneous to launch. I don’t mind that their app launches- it’ gives them an ad impression which keeps the app free.

Anyway, all four apps are available in Marketplace.