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OEM HTC Headsfree with MP3 Remote Controller Adapter Reviewed

I love getting little accessories for my phone that add functionality, and the one I’ve got for review today does just that, it adds a lot of functionality actually to your HTC phone. I’ve got an AT&T Tilt or HTC TyTn II that I use for many things besides making phone calls. A long time ago it replaced my MP3 player, I use my Tilt instead of carrying a separate music device most times that I want to carry a bare minimum of stuff with me, and it works very well. One thing though is that when you need to either get official HTC headphones with the USB jack or get an adapter, then that usually only gives you the sound of the music and not much else, i.e. no control over the music and you can’t answer calls either.

Today for review I’ve got the OEM HTC Headsfree with MP3 Remote Controller Adapter, yeah it’s a mouthful but it does a lot of stuff for you. It’s not only a USB adapter to 3.5mm jack that can control your music but it also allows you to take calls though your headphones. It features an inline remote with several functions, it’s got a built-in clip as well to keep it handy, and a nice long cord, but the best part is that it’s inexpensive coming in at $14.99 shipped to your door anywhere in the world. So read on to check it out..

This came from for review, they graciously provided it to me so I can share it with our readers..

Here’s the specs:

OEM HTC Headsfree with MP3 Remote Controller Adapter

Product Code#:UFAF001186

Price: US$12.99
-$2.99 Shipping anywhere in the world

– Iine-In hands free
– Wired Remote Control with all the MAJOR BUTTONS FOR MUSIC PLAYBACK AND CALLS
– No need for extra power
– Stereo
– Lightweight
– Clip to collar, shirt…
– Optimal Length: 82cm (or 2 feet 8 inches), not too long, not too short

– Spring loaded Clip allows you to clip at your most convenient places.
– Answer / End calls
– Volume Up / Down
– Microphone
– Next / Backward
– short cut key to Stop / Pause / Play Music

– Black

Package Contents:
– OEM HTC Headsfree with MP3 Remote Controller Adapter x 1

– Polybag 

It’s compatible with most every HTC Phone, but the list is huge, so please visit HERE to see the complete list.


Ok, no special packaging, just a bag, cuts down on costs and waste..

Inside the bag is the adapter of course:

The product is basically a small in-line controller and a USB to 3.5mm adapter in one. It does include a clip so you can clip it to your shirt or wherever.


On the side is a tiny hole, that’s the microphone, yes you can talk on the phone with this, and you calls are in stereo… not sure if I want to hear some people in stereo though….

On the end or top is the 3.5mm jack:

The front face is the controls for forward, back, volume, play/pause, answer call and hang up. Forward and back along with volume are labeled. In the center is a small raised dot that looks like a ball, that’s the play/pause button, on the sides of the dot are two symbols that look like brackets [ ] those are for answering and ending calls.

As I said I’ve got a Tilt, so that what I used this product with to listen to some music through the HTC Audio Manager:

The cord is nice and long, but not too long, adding the headphones makes it very long, but it’s more than long enough to reach the collar of your shirt while your phone is on your hip, that way you have easy access to the controls and the microphone is near your mouth for taking calls.

I used the adapter with my Atrio M5 earbuds so of course everything sounded excellent, the quality of the sound you’ll get depends on the headphones you use, and the Atrio M5s are some of the best on the market… anyway, for me the sound was perfectly fine.

The adapter worked perfectly for me with no problems, the buttons responded instantly with no lag.

I also found that when not on a call you can use the answer call button to take you to the phone dialer to make a call and the end call button will take you back to your home screen but leave the music playing.

The microphone seemed fine during calls, I had no complaints from the people I talked to while using it. It does need to be fairly close to your mouth for good call quality, but that’s expected.


For what it is the OEM HTC Headsfree with MP3 Remote Controller Adapter is a great little product and you can’t beat the price.




+Works perfectly


+Handy and useful