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Postcard On the Run Available On iOS

postcard-on-the-run-1.pnge-run-iosLast eek I did a mini-review on a very cool app for Windows Phone called Postcard On The Run. (Check it out here) POTR allows you to take a new picture or select an existing picture and send it as a post card with some very personal touches like adding smell! that’s right there are lots of cool scents to choose from including Chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate right?

Features include:
• Send real postcards directly from your iPhone to any mailing postal address in the world.
• Find missing addresses with the touch of a button with our "Postal Gopher".
• Sign your postcard with your finger!
• Add your own personal message.
• Include a map on your postcard using GPS location.
• Add a scent to your card with Smell Mail.
• Easy to pay with any major credit card.

Go check out my review for more information and screen shots. The app works great and I just sent a post card to my Mom and added the Ocean Breeze sent and the whole thing cost me $1.99. I can live with that. Just like the WP version of the app, the iOS version did not have a PayPal option which would have made it nice for me. The app remembers your credit card information and issues a password to speed up the next time you use.

Great app for iOS that I recommend for a lot of fun and a way to send someone special something special.

Click here to grab a copy from the App Store.

Click here to check out my review.