Co-worker pointed this to me: Toshiba Satellite L875D, normally $550, selling for $400 ($100 instant rebate, $50 mail-in). I’ve got a Satellite P745, and it’s a good little workhorse. So if you’re looking for a laptop, this might be worth a look. Personally, though, if I were looking at a Win8 laptop, I’d be more inclined to find a touchscreen device.

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  1. Well at least it’s got an A6, not a Pentium, or an E1 processor, that reminds me of my first laptop….from 1994.

    Touch screens are still in that $599-$699 range for a 14″. And not much out there larger, except for all-in-ones. So when do we get to see the stand alone 23-25″ touch monitors. Christmas?

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