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On the fence: Does AT&T have any balls?

For those of you that have been around for a while you know I’m stalking an upgrade around September-ish.  I’m on AT&T which has all sorts of awesome coverage here in my area.  Speed and connectivity are directly equivalent to my friends Verizon handsets (including a Moto Droid and an HTC Incredible,) in every corner of this town because we always give each other hell as often as possible though we both secretly hate our own carriers.  Which brings me to my point.  What is AT&T doing?  When they were still Cingular they were all sorts of awesome and had the best devices by far.  Since the switch back to AT&T and their subsequent exclusivity with the most evil company in the world, all their wireless carrier awesomeness has disappeared, or as my iPhone toting friend chose to say “Their e-penis is all flaccid and unused.”  E-penis is his equivalent of one’s technological clout.

I could live with the idea that AT&T wasn’t getting the HD2.  I understood this as a business move as they were going to be a launch partner for Windows Phone 7.  Disappointing but understandable. What got me worried though, was their adoption rate for Android phones.  How on earth is Verizon getting all the bad-ass Android phones when we get this and this?  It just seems like AT&T isn’t in any hurry to get awesome phones (and remember this is the iPhone-is-not-an-option discussion area.)  The problem is I’m likely going to wind up with few real options when it comes time to pull the trigger on my upgrade.

Android is still a non-option right now on AT&T for any power-user because there is no minimum standard for Android hardware.  Thank God for high standards for Windows Phone hardware or I’d be completely screwed.  My worst fear is that AT&T will only get that hideous LG prototype that the Dev’s are getting.  I hate not having choices.  I guess I could entertain the idea of a Nexus One, but I still don’t think I want to spend 500$ on a phone when I have an upgrade available, especially since the phone will be nearing a year old by that point.  Do any of you out there think AT&T will get some decent Android phones by this amorphous “holiday season” launch date crap that Microsoft can’t figure out?