Looks like we will be getting an alternative to Messenger by Miyowa soon. IM+ All In One Messenger, originally expected for a January-February release, is nearly complete and a beta version (don’t know what that means) is due in April. Although the updated version of Messenger is working pretty well, with a live tile and toast notifications (although a bit delayed), choices are always a good thing. I used this app on my WM 6.1/6.5 devices and found it to be stable and reliable. Will keep a lookout for the release in Marketplace (or the wild if it is really going beta first). You can find news and updates on the developers site here.

Originally posted at wmpoweruser.


  1. I can’t wait either. It’s really annoying having to have 3 apps to do my IM-ing…and none of them are not that great of an experience. However, Flory is really nice. And if this app is anything like Flory but with more clients, I think we have a winner!

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