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OpenFeint Now Working On All Platforms (Yes, Even WP7)

If you don’t know what OpenFeint is, it lets you do cross-platform leaderboards/achievements and play with friends. Think of it like the social aspects of Xbox Live (without the real time gameplay). It’s popular for iOS and Android and they’ve now released a private beta for a cross-platform API.

OpenFeint Connect gives developers access to many of the most important features on the platform, without having to use an OpenFeint-built client. With the following features, game developers can rapidly expand to new platforms and let players compete across different devices:

  • Leaderboards & achievements: Great for encouraging cross platform social competition.
  • OpenFeint accounts: Perfect for players who want to play games on multiple devices, whether an iPad or a Palm Pre 3.
  • OpenFeint friends: Make it easier for your players to find new friends, regardless of whether they’re Windows Phone 7 or Android fans.
  • Developer announcements: Talk directly with your players to keep them engaged and up-to-date on the latest developments.

They already have 65m users and 4700 games that interact with OpenFeint and that’s only going to grow.

You can read more about it here.