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Your Phone Killed The Flip

Aahh the Flip HD video camera – how you were both ahead of your time and yet outdated. Well, Cisco made it official today and The Flip is no longer (even though Cisco only bought the brand two years ago). Anyway, I think this was a foregone prediction. The Flip is was a great little device – the ability to take out a pocket camera and shoot in HD seemed awesome. But of course, that was before every phone came with an HD camera so we all already had a Flip in our pocket and then had to rationalize why we would spend more money for an extra device that doesn’t do things like edit or share from the device. In fact, this was so inevitable that this was tied in to one of my 2010 predictions and I continue to think this is just the start as point and shoot cameras are the next in the firing line for all the same reasons (but they’ll never die, just get reduced to a smaller market). 

Anyway, I still have my Flip but honestly haven’t used it much (the fact that it has a fixed zoom always pissed me off anyway but once I had an HD camera on me it was toast). Anyone out there think they gave up the battle too early? I don’t – they see the writing on the wall.