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SPB Wallet 2.0 for Android released

The mobile application that has been famous and available since ages for mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and more is now available for Android. We are sure, you are not the only one who have been searching for an alternative to this app. Well, when it’s finally here, you can buy this app for $7, which definitely seems worth it. But wait, SPB is giving a 50% discount if you purchase it before the end of this month. The original price is still cheap compared to the iOS version of this app ($9.95) and WM, Symbian versions which are priced nearly $30.

In case you are already not familiar with this app, it secures the most valuable private information such as PINs, passwords, codes, accounts, passport and credit card numbers with 256-bit AES encryption.

Main features:

  • Strong security with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Automatic wallet lockup
  • Real card data representation
  • Customizable cards and templates
  • Online templates gallery with 25,000+ most popular cards, and option to order customized cards for FREE
  • Smart card fields to call/SMS/email/etc
  • Password generator for random passwords that are highly secure
  • Quick card search
  • Cloud sync with Gmail account

SPB Wallet 2.0 for Android in action:

Check out the app on Android Market or visit the official SPB site to get a 15-day trial.