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Otterbox Intros Prefix Series of Cases

Ok I’m back, I see not much posting gets done when I’m not here?! My wonderful host changed things around on my server without my permission and killed my website so I’ve been dealing with that yesterday and today and I finally got it up and running a few minutes ago. The best part of all of it is they lied about doing anything, and basically called me a liar as well saying they didn’t do anything even though I provided proof. So anyway, I’ve got a major headache, painkillers are barely taking the edge off but I need to get some posts up here for you to read!  So let’s start with this one, Otterbox, our favorite case company, has just announced a new series of cases called the Prefix which are supposed to be more sleek and sophisticated but yet still offer the famous Otterbox protection. At the moment you can get it for the Lumia 610 and it’s coming soon for the Galaxy S III.


OtterBox®, maker of premium protective solutions for handheld technology, announces a new way to provide worry-free safety for today’s hottest smartphones. The Prefix Series, a single-layer case that provides sophisticated, sleek and sturdy smartphone protection, is now available for the Nokia (NOK) Lumia 610 and coming soon for Samsung (SSNL) Galaxy S® III. The smartphone case line will retail for $24.95 at

“This new series can be trusted to provide a simple yet highly protective option for those who prefer a sleek look and feel.”

“OtterBox is constantly chasing innovation and we’re excited to unveil the Prefix Series and the unique features that make it a premium single-layer case,” said OtterBox President and CEO Brian Thomas. “This new series can be trusted to provide a simple yet highly protective option for those who prefer a sleek look and feel.”

The Prefix Series consists of a dual-material, unibody construction that delivers a soft-touch feel with the inner strength necessary to keep smartphones safe from damage. An impact-resistant silicone exterior dissipates shock, while the inner polycarbonate backbone provides structural strength. Silicone pads inside the case cushion the device.

The Prefix Series’ one-piece design allows for easy installation and a textured outer band provides an ergonomic feel. All device features remain fully functional and a self-adhering screen film keeps the display free of scratches.

The premiere of the OtterBox Prefix Series brings stylish, sleek design to the forefront of device defense. For more information, color options and technical specifications, visit