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OtterBox Releases Impact Series Cases For Droid, N97, and ERIS.

HTC Hero Impact Series CaseHTC, Nokia and Samsung offer some of the hottest devices for smart phone users and OtterBox now has cases for the HTC Hero™, HTC DROID ERIS™, Nokia N97 and Samsung Omnia® II. Do you get your tech fix from touch screens, tilts or trackballs? These devices have it all but require full coverage and with three case series, OtterBox has got technology covered.

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Read more in the press releases after the break:

Customized Coverage from OtterBox for HTC Hero & DROID ERIS

The Sprint HTC Hero™ and HTC DROID ERIS™ from Verizon Wireless are designed with custom features to help you show your true self. To accentuate that personal touch, OtterBox releases Impact Series™ and Commuter Series™ cases for customized coverage. Click here to read more…

Global Coverage: OtterBox Commuter Series for Nokia N97

As technology improves, it becomes an increasingly vital part of everyday life and needs to be protected. The OtterBox Commuter Series™ case for the Nokia N97 is the ideal way to keep you going all over the globe without worrying about your handheld technology. Click here to read more…

Don’t Let Winter Wear on your Samsung Omnia II: Defend with OtterBox

Winter is not over yet and tech protection is more important than ever with fumbling frozen fingers. Thankfully, OtterBox announces the Defender Series™ for Samsung Omnia® II. Even if you are wary from winter’s chill, your device will not show any signs of damage with the protection of the Defender Series.* Click here to read more…