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Panoramic’s FreeCell Enters Marketplace For WP7

Panoramic Software has released FreeCell into the Marketplace.

Play this enormously popular 52 card solitaire game on your Windows Phone! Since all of the cards are dealt face up, it makes the game of Freecell one of strategy and skill rather then luck. Almost all of the 2 million included game variations can be solved – can you master them all?

  • Contains all 2 million games included in the PC version
  • Four unique game variations (FreeCell, Baker’s, Four Colors & KingCell)
  • Options to change number of freecells, enable strict rules or invert the card order
  • Auto Complete and SmartStack helpers included for efficient gameplay
  • Game state always saved, even when you turn off your phone
  • Uses the same game numbers as the Windows desktop version
  • Ability to manually enter game numbers
  • Win/Lose statistics
  • Listing of game numbers known to be unsolvable
  • Six (6) table colors

Here it is in action:

It’s just $.99 and you can download it with this link (that will open Zune).

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