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Paper Dash – Paper Boy Clone Comes To Windows Phones

If you don’t know the game Paper Boy then you’re too young to know what the really good games were all about. Paper Boy is a classic and thanks to Jake Poznanski (you now, Mars Runner – #68 in the Marketplace overall) there’s now an absolutely excellent clone of it for Windows Phones. It’s not a DOS version like I remember. This version has tilt controls, smooth graphics and a story line to go with it. Oh and it’s ad based/free to top it off. Here’s the full description:

This just in… Paper Dash has finally hit the stands! Roam the streets delivering papers as you try and pay off damages to a car that you… well… you’ll see…
Collect soda cans and bottles to make some extra cash on the side, and don’t forget to visit the item shop to spend your hard earned cash on power ups to help your character deliver even more papers and make even more money!
Game features include:
– 100% free
– 30 levels worth of game play with more coming soon
– Achievement badges for delivering papers and collecting soda cans/bottles
– Character customization including an item shop with power ups available for purchase
– Interactive game controls to steer the player using the phone’s accelerometer
– Background music, sound effects, and vibration on collisions

I’ve been playing for a few minutes and I’m loving this. I only stopped to spread the word. It’s the same concept from the past with a modern feel and it’s really well put together with great controls that work on a touchscreen.

Even if you don’t know the game it’s worth giving it a shot. It’ll take you thirty seconds to get the concept down and then good times.