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Password … Books

I’ll admit up front: I’ve been using SkyWallet on my Windows Phone almost since I got my Surround with Windows Phone 7. You have a master password that has to be entered before you can get into the data. Why? Because it’s true: we have SO MUCH digital information we need to remember – user names, passwords, websites, subscription IDs, etc, etc, etc. I used to use the same small set over and over, and we all know that’s not the best idea. In the last year, I’ve been changing that to more site-individualized pass phrases. And as XTC sings, “And I’m getting older, too.”

So yes, people are selling password reminder books. Funny, they look an awfully like old paper phone/address books.

I’m not a big talk show fan, but my mother shared this on Facebook, and I’m afraid I found it way too funny, topical, and even thought-provoking to share. So enjoy!