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Pesky neighbors with drones a problem? Get a Drone Catcher !

intruder-drone-catcherThere is no denying that drones are all the rage right now and is turning into a growing business. May real estate agents use them for stunning overhead visuals of listing properties. Sporting events get that amazing snap shot of the game.

There is limitless fun you can have with a drone. But what happens when they are used for mischief? That neighbor trying to see how much better your rose garden is doing? Spying and general buffoonery can be had o’plenty with a drone. So what can you do?

Yes a shot gun comes to mind. Not practical in residential areas though. Sling shot but who is that good of a shot? Still might be some collateral damage. It may not be a problem for very long thanks to Michigan Tech HIROLab! They have designed the Drone Catcher System.

This large multi-rotor ass kicker will take down your neighbors pesky drone by launching a net and capturing the enemy drone. The best part is the look of horror your neighbor will have when you bring his drone back to your house for negotiations of its return. Check out the video below!

Proof of concept prototype of a drone catcher system to intercept and physically remove the intruding multi-rotor drones from the protected areas (patent pending). This system offers a viable solution when force-landing or shooting the drones would jeopardize the safety. HIRoLab website:

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