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Phone Upside Down = Backlight Off

HTC-Fuze G-off Display is a simple little app that turns your backlight off when your phone is held upside down. Not face down, but like in the picture. It actually works wells because if you just drop your phone in your pocket that’s the natural direction it will fall and within a second the backlight will turn off (and be confirmed with a vibration). The other nice thing about this app is that it’s not putting the phone into suspend mode – it merely turns off the backlight. The difference is that apps can keep running this way. So, for example, if you turn on the HTC music player and hit the power button you’ll notice that it suspends play. However, if I use G-Off the music keeps on rocking…in my pocket:)  There are other more powerful apps that do this, but it’s nice to have a simple app that works.

The download is available here or if you are not a RapidShare fan I have uploaded it here to our forums as well.