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Photo Plastic Surgery For Windows Phone Is Neat–Check Out Douggie’s Surgery

I saw a new app in Marketplace called Photo Plastic Surgery and in the images provided it seemed too good to be real. It can get rid of wrinkles, enhance breasts…all sorts of goodies. So yeah I went to give it a spin…for your sake of course (not to make photos of Doug with breasts). Simply put, it’s a series of photo effects that when combined can make bulges, reductions, move portions of the image, etc and actually work pretty well for a quick and dirty ‘plastic surgery’. Now these aren’t Photoshop quality  but they are ridiculously fast and easy. Just check out my before and after of Doug and this took less than a minute and I did it while on an exercise bike:

Now I wasn’t going for perfection. I was going for a good laugh and that mission was achieved.

Anyway, the app is $2 and there’s a free trial (I haven’t found its limitations yet so give it a go).

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