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Pin To Start Now Launches Faster!

Just a few days ago I shared an app called Pin To Start, which is an app that lets you pin up to four customizable tiles to your Windows Phone start screen. You can add shortcuts to call a number, send a text, an email and other shortcuts. It’s not only a free app, but one that’s useful not just as a launcher but also a great way to add custom artwork to your phone. I had one nit with the app and that was when adding a shortcut to make a phone call the app would launch and then the phone call prompt would appear. The result was that you would have to wait about a second to make the call, and even though it wasn’t long, I always want faster and I presumed that removing the splashscreen would cause the app to launch faster. Turns out I was wrong but they still got it running faster:

In our tests, we noticed that removing the splashscreen did not impact the start up time of the app. However, we refactored a bit of our code, and were able to start the Shortcut prompt during the display of the splashscreen.

We now believe we have one of the fastest speed dials of any app on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace (perhaps even one of the fastest speed dial application across all Smart Phone devices).

Add in our email and sms template features and you now have something that can truly make you more productive.

Wow, not only does it now trigger the phone prompt almost instantly, but we’ve found an app with A+ customer support. They’ve shown their commitment to listen to users so if you have feedback you should share it as they’ve shown a willingness to incorporate the features that their users seek. Great work Flickyflocky! Keep up the good work.

You can follow this link for Pin to Start: