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Plan Bee Is Ready For Your Windows Phone

Way back in October we were teased with screenshots of Plan Bee from Rambuk Games and now it’s available for download for FREE. It’s a beautifully put together game where you’re a bee and you need to fly to a flower with pollen and then deposit it on the proper flower to deposit it. But while you do this spiders shoot webs and all sorts of other goodies at you and while you try to get the bonuses that the ladybug drops which add a lot of points. It’s a casual arcade game that’s a lot of fun to play. The controls are a single onscreen thumbpad in the lower left corner and it takes seconds to be able to control the bee precisely. I’m going to confess to having played this for at least 45 minutes in the brief time I’ve had it loaded and find it’s a great little game to pick up and try to see how far you can get in a few spare minutes. Just take a look at it in action though:

So give it a go. It’s free so there’s nothing to lose.