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Play Xtrakt (And Other Games) With The GSen!!!

GPad For those of you who enjoyed Xtrakt (Game of the Week #3) and said "if I could just use the gsen to move then we’d have game of the year" then go get the trophy. As I noted earlier today, one of the great things about an upcoming release of the Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 is that "since the Diamond 2 is missing a dpad entirely I’m hopeful that a useful gsen dpad or onscreen virtual dpad that it without kinks is just around the corner". Well the Touch Pro is also missing a dpad so development is not just underway but it is developed. An application called GPad has undergone variations over time but this latest upgrade is significant in that it has a config file that you can add apps to and Xtrakt was specifically enabled (and you should be able to add other games as well). All you need to do is download GPad from here and keep it running in the background and then open up Xtrakt and enjoy the g-sensor goodness as you move the phone left and your guy follows. Funny thing is that without the gsen it’s easier to play (cause you’re guy doesn’t move much) but it’s a heck of a lot more fun this way. I can confirm this works on a Fuze and it should work for the entire Diamond/Touch Pro/Touch HD line.

I need to play with the config more and I’ll update this post on how to change the config to work in other apps (hopefully pocketnester:)) but for now I need to get back to Xtrakt:)

Gpad is the brilliant work of Tirinoarim of XDA who has been working on this project all year. If you appreciate his work (hard not to:)) please be sure to buy him a cup of coffee for his work.