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Pocket Maze–Herm’s Latest Windows Phone Release

As if Paper Toss and all of his other titles weren’t enough, Herm’s latest Windows Phone release is a classic maze/labyrinth game with enough variables to keep you going. It has times levels to make you sweat or classic levels like when you were a kid. All well put together and also available in a free/ad version and a paid/ad free version so you can have it your way. I’ve given it a go and it’s well put together. It also reminds me that I lack patience but maybe that’s the virtue of the whole thing.

Here are the details:

Pocket Maze is a Labyrinth/Maze type of game where your goal is to get the metal ball into the finish hole by avoiding the obstacles. Simply tilt the device to get the ball rolling.

15 Timed levels that show the best time and the last time it took to complete the level so you can compete with your friends to see who can do it faster.

2 Classic Round Boards with 1-6 balls

Here’s a link to the $1 version and here’s the free version.