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Pogue goes hands on with the Surface Pro: calls it a ‘home run’ that changes the game

imageOver recent years New York Times tech columnist David Pogue has grown critical of Microsoft. He’s no fan of Windows 8 and isn’t shy to express his pessimism. And yet even with that sentiment, he seems to be overjoyed with the Surface Pro. He went hands on with it at CES where he was allowed to demo it. He notes how many smart design choices are at play here. Yes, you get the keyboard options we all know about. But they also added an extra USB 3.0 jack on the power adapter. And the HDMI out has an output beyond 1080 – actually capable of 2,550 x 1,440 and this means this can be a main PC and entertainment device. He notes that the experience of the pressure sensitive pen is ‘fantastic’.

He (fairly) notes that the way the keyboard connects with the Surface means you can’t practically use it on your knees as a laptop. And he only had limited time with it. But this is how he concludes:

But for now, it looks as if the Surface Pro is, conceptually and practically, a home run. For thousands of people, it will be an ideal mobile companion. It will mean the end of the daily question: “Hmm, should I take my laptop or my iPad?”

I have a Surface RT and he may not get it but I do and for me – it’s a damn game changer. More on this in the future but the ability to fire up Word and Excel on an ‘iPad’  is just epic. I always have a device that has instant on and can do work. And from the sound of things, the Pro just upped the game across the board.

Glad to see the critics are being less critical.

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