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Pointui Version 2.1 Now Available

Taking customization to the next level with a Scripting Engine, vibrant Community developing Applets, creating Themes and supporting Tools there isn’t much you can’t do with Home 2.

The Home Screen provides access to all your required functions and information. The Primary  Navigation provides single click access to your Call History (and Contacts List), a customizable Application and Contacts launcher and for those who go Pro a powerful Messaging screen with customizable viewing options.

Applets enhance the experience by providing information relating to Messaging, Appointments, Weather, News, Tasks, World Time with News and Slideshow with a simple swipe. Add the library of Applets available from the Community and customization capabilities to suit your needs and Home 2 will quickly become your home.

he customization doesn’t stop there, with a couple of clicks you can set your background to whatever you wish. If you want to go a step further Themes allow you to give your Home 2 the look you’ve always been after for your phone. If you’re not the sort that’s graphically inclined you’re in luck, the Community has been busy creating a huge variety of Themes for your enjoyment.

With a growing list of additional features Pointui thinks seeing is believing, why not give Home 2 Free a try and join in the Community.

For more info and downloads visit Pointui here: