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USA Today: Windows smartphones joy to use

USA Today’s Mark W. Smith feels Windows Phone is a change from the experience of iPhone or Android. He also says friends don’t let friends buy Blackberries. His only complain is Tellme feature of Windows Phone is not at the level of Siri. HTC Radar 4GHe liked the live Tiles instead of the static grid of icons you see on iPhone or Android. He also liked the user experience “Mango” provides. He says “It’s the best phone experience that you’ve never tried.

He also says “Where Apple and Android have settled on home screens of small square app icons, Windows has created a vertical column of interactive tiles that display information — unread e-mails, missed calls, weather, etc.”

He is using HTC Radar 4G on T-Mobile for the past week and found that using Windows Phone is a joy. And also he says that Microsoft found a better way of operating a smartphone for the first time, which their competitors didn’t .

This is really a positive notes for Windows Phone and Microsoft. Go to USA Today and read his experience with the platform.